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Create your own Bubble Football event!

You can book a ticket for 30 minutes, 1 hour or longer, for as many people as you want. Venues, schedules, prices, dates and ticket information will be updated below. Come back soon, or sign up to get a notification.



For new bookings made from 1 august 2014, the personal information of all players must be filled in on the online insurance registration form.

The insurance is provided by Taian Insurance Co. Medical fees are covered up to a maximum of $50,000. You need to pay first, and the money will be reimbursed. The insurance may covers up to a maximum of NT$600,000 for compensation for severe disabilities, or death. If a player’s information is not filled in the online Insurance Registration Form, they will not be covered by the insurance. All players’ information must be filled in after you receive the confirmation of booking in an email.

The deadline to fill in players’ information for insurance registration is 14 days before the event. You must check all information is accurate before you press Submit. If you wish to change players, please email the information of the original players and the new players to Niceday Email, and they will assist you with updating the information. A maximum of 10 players per game is allowed. The above mentioned insurance is only provided for players with both a Taiwan Personal ID, and Taiwan Health Card. ARC or PARC holders needs to provide us a copy of either ARC or PARC card AND Taiwan Health Card to be covered by insurance. Foreigners without ARC/PARC and Taiwan Health card will not be covered by insurance.

If you’re feeling ill or you’re hurt/injured after playing the game, you need to notify the onsite manager immediately on the day, then fill out the insurance medical reimbursement application form and email or post to us within 5 days (you may get it from the onsite manager), you could enclose other necessary documents, i.e. receipts of medical fees*, and diagnosis from the doctor, and send them to us upon finishing your treatment. For those who have not filled in their personal insurance information 14 days before the event, you are not insured under this policy, and will be therefore waiver your rights of personal insurance. You may not apply for any medical reimbursement from us afterwards.

*Receipts issued by certified and legal medical institutions in Taiwan.

Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Taoyuan, New Taipei, Hsinchu and Yilan events had been very successfully and they are now over. Thank you for your support!