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  1. Can females play with males in the same game?
    Yes, Bubble soccer is a mixed gender fun sport.
  2. What ages can play Bubble Soccer?
    You must be 18 or above to play Bubble Ball.
  3. How long is each game?
    Each game time is 30 minutes. (1.5 min dressing, 2 min cleaning, 25 minutes playing time, 1.5 min undressing)
  4. What must I wear?
    You should wear trainers. And comfortable sports clothing.
  5. Is bubble football safe?
    Yes, it is one of the safest fitness activities in the world, because you are safely protected by an air ball.
    Each air ball comes with a 3-way safety system: 1. Air protection. 2. Handles to hold. 3. Safety Harness.
    Each person must sign an indemnity form before they can play.
  6. Is the event insured?
    Yes the event is insured, you can read the terms here.
  7. Any height, or weight limit?
    The height limit is 6.5 feet (198cm). The weight limit is 95 kg.
  8. Can I drink alcohol while playing?
    No. You must not drink alcohol before or during a game.
  9. Can I eat before a game?
    You should not eat a heavy meal within 30 minutes before a game.
  10. Are other dates or venues available?
    Yes, more dates and venues in future, please sign up to newsletter updates.
  11. Can I book you for a private event?
    Yes, you can email us your event details here.
  12. Where do you travel to?
    We travel to anywhere in Taiwan.
  13. Hygiene and Respect
    After the game, you must clean your bubble (out of respect for those who will be using next). We will provide you with cleaning solution and cloth. This will only take a few seconds. Thank you for your collaboration.
  14. Can I wear eyeglasses?
    You cannot wear your eyeglasses while playing, only safety goggles with a head strap. You may wear contact lenses. If you wear glasses we suggest you either wear your swimming goggles with a strap, or contact lenses.
  15. How do I get insured?
    To insure yourself and your friends before you play, please send emails to our insurance email.