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  1. The object is to kick the ball into the opponent’s goal. The team that scores the most goals in the game time is the winner.
  2. At the start, and when a goal is scored each team must line up on opposite sides of the soccer pitch.
  3. You are allowed to bump members of the opposing team. If you fall over, roll over until you stand again. If you cannot stand up, shout for help!
  4. You must listen to the referee, and organizers on the day.
  5. Failure to follow the rules means you may be asked to leave the game, without refund.
  6. Some teams may not be identical in number. Eg one team may have 5 people, while another may have 4 people.
  7. General football rules will be followed eg corner kicks and free kicks. But some will not. There are no throw-ins, only kick-ins from the side. There is no designated goal keeper. There is no off-side rule. The referee’s decision is final. No objections are allowed.
  8. If a player from one team is overly aggressive, a free kick may be given to the other team.
  9. Foot Kick
    A player who uses his feet to kick another player, or the equipment, could get thrown out of the game. There is no refund if this happens.
  10. Rotation of Players
    Players can trade places with their goaler at any time. A game can also be played with 8 persons instead of 10 (goalers included), leaving one person on the bench. Those playing can then switch places, and get rested a bit, before returning to play more intensely.
  11. Whistle Blow
    When a referee blows his whistle, the game must stop immediately. Players who go on pushing and shoving their rivals could get thrown out of the game. It’s the referee’s responsibility to ensure safety for both players and spectators.
  12. Protective Gear
    While playing, you must stay inside the giant bubble provided, or the referee will stop the game. You must tell the referee if your bubble loses air or gets ripped ; the game will be stopped, and we will provide you with a new one. You have to make sure you don’t bump into people not wearing protective gear (either referee or spectator). We recommend you wear knee-guards.
  13. Contact Between Bubbles
    As a safety precaution, and to prevent lower hip injuries, it is forbidden to voluntarily aim your bubble at another players’s legs. To avoid leg injuries, do not push another player against the wall, or in a corner. It is also forbidden to fiercely go at a player who does not have the ball, or a player who is down trying to get up. You must play the ball and follow the game. Do not bump another player without making sure he saw you first. You’re responsible for your actions, and the consequences thereof. Play safe and responsibly, help each other when needed, or you can get thrown out of the game. There is no refund if this happens.
  14. Each game takes place on half a basketball field. The video shows a full field for customized events. If you wish to book a full basketball field size you can contact us for a premium customized event.


  1. Males and females can play in the same game.
  2. You must be 18 or above to play Bubble Ball.
  3. You must wear trainers. Do not wear boots with studs. Wear normal sports wear, eg shorts and tshirt. Players must not wear jewellery or glasses onto the pitch. Any player wearing glasses accepts full responsibility of any injury as a result of wearing glasses. Any sharp object (eg a diamond ring) must be removed before the game.
  4. The height limit is 6.5 feet (198cm). The weight limit is 95kg. And you must be no shorter than 148cm.
  5. You must not drink alcohol before or during a game.
  6. You should not be suffering from any injury. You should not have a medical history of back, leg, foot, arm, head, neck, or heart pain.
  7. We recommend you arrive 1 hour before. You must arrive at least 45 minutes before your starting time. Allow for approximately 15 minutes to sign in and sign indemnity forms. 15 minutes to listen to the game briefing of rules and regulations. 15 minutes to watch how bubble football is played in Taiwan. If you are late, you will forfeit your game. We may try reschedule your game if possible.
  8. If the venue is outdoors and it rains, your game may be rescheduled to a different date and/ or venue. you can check our facebook page for regular updates.
  9. You cannot roll the ball into the goal post.
  10. You cannot sit in front of the goal. You must always be standing.